Janet Green

Janet Green worked over twenty years in the hospitality industry. She started her career at a five star hotel in New York City as a PBX operator. After working six months, she was promoted to PBX supervisor, where she supervised 32 operators.

Even though she was the youngest staff member and had the fewest years of experience in her department, Janet did not let all the negative and spiteful words from her coworkers kill her enthusiasm. Instead, she used it as fuel to keep her fire burning. Within three months in that position, she was able to gain the respect and loyalty of her staff. Three years later, the company promoted her to Front Office supervisor.

Janet later transferred to the Accounting Department where she received numerous recognitions, including Associate of The Year Award.

As if this did not keep her busy enough, she took on some of the Human Resources department responsibilities such as planning the annual Associate Picnic and Holiday Party for their four hundred-plus associates.

Janet’s General Manger saw great potential in her as a Director of Human Resources and encouraged her to start a career in Human Resources. She transferred to HR where she spent the next two years learning all the disciplines (recruiting, employee relations, employee benefits, and payroll) in that field. She then transferred to another state as an HR Manager and one year later, she became the Director of Human Resources.

As a dedicated professional, her love for her associates went beyond her call of duty as she supported their family successes and grieved with them during their times of distress.

As busy as she was as a Director of Human Resources, Janet consistently exemplified the importance of giving back to the community. In one year, she was able to accomplish the following:

  • Fed 1,767 homeless men and children
  • Collected over 100 cellular phones for the “Secure A Call Foundation”
  • Collected over 65 pairs of used eye glasses for donations
  • Collected over 112 pairs of used sneakers to refurbish tennis courts
  • Raised funds for the “Children’s Miracle Network”
  • Planned and executed a hotel market picnic for over 3,000 associates and families

In July of 2009, Janet experienced the worst year of her professional career. At that time, she began to strengthen her relationship with God through prayer.  One day she prayed and asked God to close all doors that needed to be closed and to open all doors that needed to be opened in her life. Fewer than 48 hours later, Janet noticed what she described as “all hell breaking loose.” First, her career as Director of Human Resources ended abruptly, and 24 hours after that her fiancé called to end their relationship of three years.

Janet then turned to God for answers as to why it seemed that everything was going wrong in her life, and then she remembered how good God is and immediately began to thank Him for her life and the lives of her sons. On the third night of this turn of events Janet was reminded in a dream, “You prayed for me to close all doors that needed to be closed and to open all doors that needed to be opened,” and I answered your prayer. From that day forth, Janet was at peace with everything that was happening in her life.

Janet then decided it was time for her to start her own business. Even though it was no secret in her family that she was a gifted cook and had the wits of a tough business woman they all were disappointed that she would no longer do what she does best, which was taking care of others and defending the voiceless as a Director of Human Resources.

In July of 2009, Janet started her own company, Jamaican Global Throw Down Catering Services. She started with the concept of catering for weddings, parties, and reunions. As she researched the food industry and catering business market, she realized that there are endless possibilities for her services and products. During her first year in business, she volunteered her time cooking at least once a month for charitable organizations. She now models the motto “Anyone that eats is my customer.” Janet also became a member of several chambers of commerce in the local Orlando, Florida area and volunteered as an ambassador for the Central Florida Christian Chamber, Apopka Chamber of Commerce and the African American Chamber of Commerce.

Approximately eight months later Janet got a vision from God to head the Entrepreneur Ministry at her home church in Florida. She tried to negotiate with God by telling Him she could do a better job of helping the ministry and not leading it, but when God reminded her of the story of Jonah, she surrendered. Janet then fasted and prayed for God’s direction as she started to put together the material she would be teaching; it later became a book.  Janet started the first Entrepreneur Class, “How to Start Your Business” in April of 2010 with 40 students. As if that did not keep her busy enough, this young single mom continues to mentor and parent her three sons: De’John, Tevano, and Geovano Green. She often says her first love is God and her second love is her three boys.

As of 2012, 265 plus students have graduated from her program “Turn Your Talent Into a Business”.  Janet has spoken in prisons, evangelized in her community and visited  a local hospital on weekends where she prayed for the sick.  She can be heard sometimes on the radio talking about Dream and Visions from God, her latest book which was birth from “Turn Your Talent Into a Business Class.

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